Aloha, Oregon

Roy & Taylor Coleman — Ground Zero 

Roy and Taylor Coleman pull Ground Zero, a Pro Mod 4×4 with a 631 ci hand throttle motor and a Crawler Glide Clutch.

They call Aloha, Oregon home 

Roy has been a general contractor for over 40 years. He got involved in pulling in 1987 with micro mini pullers for the kids. The pullers were driven by his daughters and powered by motorcycle engines. The first year they competed at 22 pulls. His youngest daughter, Megan, started driving at 8 years old in a C Cab that Roy built from scratch.

Roy’s oldest daughter, Heather, started driving at 10 years old. She first drove a miniature Vega and was lucky enough to have Jerry Strode of Strode Enterprises in Gaston build her a duel engine dragster. Jerry Strode “The Boss” was a 2 wheel drive puller for many years. They still have the dragster and Roy’s granddaughter, Taylor, continued to drive it until last year. This is a true family sport. After running the micro mini pullers for a number of years, Roy decided it was time for him to get into the driver’s seat. Roy got hooked on the sport the first time he got into the seat. He has been pulling ever since. Roy started pulling with a modified 4×4, the Griz, then moved on to Rush. He decided to repaint the truck and change the name to Ground Zero. His truck is a tribute truck for the firefighters and the heroes of 9-11.

He has pulled in Oregon, Washington, California, and Canada. He has met a lot of wonderful, interesting people through this sport. He feels like pullers are his second family and he thinks the world of them. This is like no other motorsport.

Taylor is 17 years old and is a high school student, She loves a good challenge. Roy offered to let her try driving his puller when she was 15 years old at a play day. She hadn’t gotten her driver’s license yet but based on how well she does scholastically and her involvement in sports lettering in soccer, baseball, basketball and wrestling he knew she was the perfect fit. She proved to him and other pullers in the area that Roy made the right choice. Taylor is now the main driver and Roy will be driving when she is not available. She makes Roy very proud and he feels like she will be a great addition to the new generation of pullers.

Special Thanks to Sponsors Twin Pines Construction and Stetson Engines