Ashmore, Ill.

(Photo Credit: Mike Moore)
Name: Tim Coffey
Tractor: Blitzed
Hometown: Ashmore, Illinois
Class: 1050 Super Stock
Organization: CIGTP/CCTPA
Paint job: John Cress
Highlights: 12th place at NQS pull in Springfield, Ohio. Points winner 10 times in CIGTPA Club and 5 times in CCPTA Club, 5th in points in ITPA in Illinois in 1984.
Favorite Pull: NQS Pull in Springfield, Ohio and Chrisman, Illinois.

How got started Pulling: Father got Tim into it at age of 16.
First Hook: Charleston, Illinois Fair Gounds in 1976.  Tim took home first place.
About Tim: Tim is age 57 and worked for DNR  Lincoln Trail State Park for 35 years, now he works for the Village of Ashmore, water & Street Department and farms part time
Special Thanks to: His dad Jim Coffey and John Cress
Sponsors: Tim’s dad and himself