Newton, Iowa

Name: Ross Langmaid
Pull N Pray (John Deere 6030)

Hometown: Newton, Iowa
Class: 4.1 Limited Pro Stock
Organization: ECI/NTPA
Paint job by: Travis Thorton of Baxter, IA
Favorite Pull: Has been Cornhusker Classic Lincoln, NE
How It Started: Ross has always wanted to pull growing up and just decided one day watching the Iowa State Fair pulls that he was going to do it and it took them 5 years of building but they finally did it and made their first hook was as an exhibition pull for fun at Maxwell, IA at a MPA hook
About Ross: He farms row crop cattle and hogs and any spare time with his family. Ross and Amber have 2 beautiful girls Reese and Blake and they all love the pulling world and the people in it.
Special thanks to: Everyone at Joe Busch Ag Repair, Kyle Busch,Travis Thorton Painting, Jake Pyle, Central Iowa Seeds,and his family for allowing him to do what he loves. Also special thanks to Wayne Lamoreaux.