Claxton, Ga.

Name: Lee Burkhalter
Truck: Buck Wild (2002 Chevrolet S10)
Hometown: Claxton, Georgia
Class: Pro Stock 4×4
Organization: Southern Pullers/Mid South Pullers
Highlights: 2016 Rookie if the year/ Southern Pullers
Favorite pulls: Huntland, TN and Tanner, AL
How It Started: Lee has been a fan of truck/ tractor pulling since childhood. His dad and him had always talked of building a truck. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in Feb. 2009, Before he passed, Dad told Lee to live his dream, said if Lee ever got all those mix-matched pieces together and could make it all work it would be “Buck Wild!” Yes Lee’s dad gave him the name and 2 life long buddies helped Lee put it all together!
First hook: Tifton, GA- ABAC
About Lee: he is 47 years old, has a 20 year old daughter, Maggie is majoring in veterinary medicine. Former HVAC and spray foam contractor. Currently sales and service distributor for the spray foam industry.
Special Thanks to: Al Durrence and Ricky McGlashan. Wouldn’t have been possible without their help.
Sponsors: Maggie Burkhalter and Cheryl Fuller