Lancaster, Ohio

Name: Josh & Mike Arter
Truck: Bad Reputation (1970 GMC K25)
Hometown: Lancaster, Ohio
Class: 6200# Light Pro Stock Gas
Organization: COTPC (Central Ohio Truck Pulling Circuit)
Paint job by: Dave Sparkman
Pulling Highlights: Mike and Josh built every piece and turned every wrench on this truck. From building the engine(s), to the axles, the transfer case, the transmission, the clutch setups, designing & building the entire chassis; They are extremely proud of that and the time they spend together doing it. Every time they pull the truck on the track it’s a highlight; whether they win, lose, or break neither of them would change it for the world.
Favorite Pull: Fairfield County Fair Pull, there is nothing better than being under the lights in your hometown with the stands full!
How It Started: A family member was into pulling in the Pro Street class around Central Ohio. Mike and Josh used to go to the pulls when Josh was in high school and Josh remembers saying: We are going to build one some day. Josh’s parents bought the truck for $900 as a graduation gift two weeks after he graduated college… The rest is history. As far as our first pull, Josh will never forget that day. Josh was nearly sick to his stomach with nerves and his uncle came up and said just bring ‘er up to 6000 and ease ‘er out…. Josh did just that, too bad the clutch didn’t slip. The truck jumped off the ground and broke both ring & pinions and the rear driveshaft, lol. Josh was hanging out the window waving his arm as the ground cheered while the Gator towed me off the track.
About Josh: Josh has been a gear head his entire life. He was raised in a 1977 Firebird, which is his favorite car of all time. His first car was a 1987 Firebird just like his dads but 10 years newer, Josh still own the car and will be buried in it. For a living Josh is a Mechanical Engineer with a heavy focus on Manufacturing & Design, Josh loves every minute of it. His lifelong dream is to open up a machine shop with his dad Mike building custom automotive parts and building race engines.
Special Thanks to: Josh would like to thank his father and best friend Mike Arter, his entire family and friends that have come out throughout the years to support their addiction to this crazy sport.