Plum City, Wis.

(Photo Credit: Brianna Bach)
Name: Eric & Dave Clare
Truck: Never-N-Nuff  (98.5 Dodge R3500 Dually)
Hometown: Plum City, Wisconsin
Class: 3.0 Pro Stock Diesel
Organization: Riverland Pullers & Heartland Pullers
Paint Job by: Cody Lenard
Pulling: Highlights: The Memory of the Father and Son Building of the Truck from ground up in the spring of 2017 and all truck pulls are the best Highlights if you don’t break (lol)
Favorite Pull: Ellsworth, Wis. is their favorite pulling track
How It Started: Started in 2010 by getting together with some friends at a Pepin, Wis. pull, then decided to try pulling in stock diesel, was hooked from their on.
About Eric: He is a gear head just like my Father (Dave) I’m a diesel Tech / Shop Forman. Pulling , Hunting and Fishing are my favorite hobbies, grew up in the small town of Plum City Wis. Truck pulling is one of the best places to meet some of the best people in the sport
Special Thanks to: His Father (Dave Clare) for putting in countless hrs. in on the rebuild of the truck, when Eric was working late. My Father gave up fishing tournaments in 2013 to buy into the truck and that’s when the Never-N-Nuff Pulling Team was a Go.
Sponsors: (SOS Machine, Spring Valley, Wis. Cody Lenard Painting, Ellsworth, Wis. Valley Repair , Plum City Wis. and Chucks Mobile Repair