Friendship, Tenn.

(Photo Credit: Chris Carlisle)
Chris & Dylan Beaver
Family Tradition (John Deere 4430)
Hometown: Friendship, Tennessee
Class: 13500lb Farm Stock
Organization: USA Pullers
Favorite pull: Trenton, Tennessee May 6th,2016 / First 1st place finish
How you got started pulling: This has been a long journey. My son in law Drew Rice pulled with USA Pullers in the Hot Farm class and previously pulled in the 13500lb class. Drew loved pulling and loved to win, lol. My son Dylan helped Drew farm and with his pulling tractor when they went to pulls. I thought of Drew as my own son and we tragically lost our beloved Drew in an accident on Sept 22nd 2016. This was the hardest time in our lives and the loss was overwhelming to lose such an outstanding great young man. A few times in the previous months he had tried to get me to buy back the 13500 Farm Stock tractor that he had sold months earlier. My comment was “Why do I need a pulling tractor!” Because my background is in 4wheel drive vehicles and I have been involved in that for the last 25 years.  After Drew passed, the Beaver Family and the Rice family were heartbroken and lost. I knew that we had to get that Farm Stock tractor back in the family. We located the tractor, bought it and got it home. Now to go through it and make it where we would not embarrass ourselves. After reading everything that I could and learning from some of the best pullers and mechanics in the industry, myself and my son worked on the tractor and got it to where we thought we had a chance. Now for a name. Only one would do for this tractor and Family Tradition was born! With my son Dylan as driver we attended every pull with the first pull being in Hammond Louisana, about 8 hours away from home. After a couple of breakdowns we made the pull in Hammond and the season had officialy begun!  It was a long season but we preservered and got 4th in the largest class in our organization only missing 3rd by 1 point! I was extremely proud of my son Dylan Beaver for being such a brave, strong confident young man and helping us carry on that “Family Tradition” that Drew loved to much. We will always pull in his honor.
About Chris: Worked at Rough Country for 25 years and my son Dylan is in High School.
Special Thanks to: Everyone that supported us, helped us unload and load, traveled to the pulls, bought t-shirts, put up with my numerous calls and texts asking questions about pulling tractors and the pullers with our organization that made us feel welcomed. We love our fans and we love to see them at all of the pulls. They are special to us and helped us through a difficult very emotional year.  They are all family and truly helped make this year a “Family Tradition”.